Industrial and civil engineering

We possess powerful production facilities, high-capacity machinery and mechanisms for building houses and industrial facilities for industrial and civil purposes.

Our enterprises are equipped with specialized motor transport columns, building and installation sections and manned with highly-qualified specialists which allows the company to fulfill land and shore fastening operations, the complex of concrete-building operations on heating lines, water supply and sewage networks.

It also allows to build foundations and various structures of monolithic and precast concrete and of sandwich panels, as well as do finishing, roofing, facing and landscaping of the area under construction. These building directions are implemented by the closed JSC "SMU-Donaerodorstroy".

    Federal highway M-4 «Don»
    Construction and capital reconstruction over 300 km
    Federal highway M-4 «Don»
    Construction and reconstruction over 300 km
    Federal highway M-4 «Don»
    Capital reconstruction of the 11-km section
    Mobile mechanized building enterprise