CJSC «SMU-Donaerodorstroy»

The closed JSC «SMU-Donaerodorstroy» is a company which specializes in construction, reconstruction and overhaul of civil and industrial buildings ranging from preparatory operations to “turn-key” project completion including land, concrete, finishing work, producing and installation of indoor and outdoor engineering networks and communication lines.



+ 7 (863) 203-73-76


The closed JSC “SMU-Donaerodorstroy possesses powerful production facilities, high-capacity machinery and mechanisms for building houses and industrial facilities for industrial and civil purposes. Our enterprises are equipped with specialized motor transport columns, building and installation sections which allows the company to fulfill land and shore fastening work, the complex of concrete-building operations, water supply and sewage networks installation, finishing, roofing, facing and landscaping of the area under construction.

The developed infrastructure and highly qualified specialists enable the company to fulfill the whole complex of operations ranging from designing and building to maintenance of various projects, in the following directions:

  • Construction of buildings and facilities for civil and industrial use
  • Designing buildings and facilities, of various specialized projects with differing degrees of complexity

The main advantages of the company which allows it to fulfill the whole complex of operations using only its internal resources with minimal expenses consist in the fact that the company is equipped with all necessary licenses and permissions to build a broad spectrum of projects. It also possesses high-capacity machinery for different engineering operations and highly professional human resources (both engineering and technical). All that allows the company to introduce and practice a quality management system corresponding to the most advanced international standards.


For the years of its operation on the building market the company JSC "SMU-Donaerodorstroy" has fulfilled a complex of operations on the major project sites:

  • Construction of the Don sturgeon plant (Rostov region);
  • The compressor station of «jirnovskaja» (Volgograd region);
  • International automobile border-crossing point “Matveyev-Kurgan” (Rostov region);
  • The plant for production and maintenance of refrigeration equipment (Rostov region);
  • Volgograd cadet cossack corps (Volgograd region);
  • The Rostov arts college (Rostov-on-Don);
  • Ust-Donetsk municipal swimming pool (Rostov region);
  • Reconstruction of more than 70 non-state health care enterprises belonging to the open JSC “RJD” in Rostov-on-Don, Saratov, Voronezh, Volgograd, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk and other major Russian cities.