The JSC «Donaerodorstroy»

Today JSC "DonAeroDorStroy" is included in the TOP-10 largest enterprises in the road construction industry in Russia.



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JSC «DonAeroDorStroy» originates from the appearance in 1956 of the Construction Department No. 15 of GlavDorStroy of the Ministry of Transport Construction of the USSR.

1992 Trust «DonDorStroy» was corporatized and was transformed into the enterprise JSC «DonAeroDorStroy».

2005 JSC «DonAeroDorStroy» entered the «Group of construction companies» DON.


Today JSC «DonAeroDorStroy» is included in the TOP-10 largest enterprises in the road construction industry in Russia. In 2020, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation was included in the list of backbone enterprises of the domestic economy.

Since 2021, it has become a co-founder of the National Association of Infrastructure Companies (NAIС). The Company has experience in road and airfield construction, including projects with an estimated cost of over 40 billion rubles.

The main offices are located in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don .

In aggregate JSC DonAeroDorStroy:

  • More than 6,000 km of highways were reconstructed and put into operation, which in a straight line is equal to the distance from Moscow to Vladivostok;
  • Airfields with a total area of more than 1,042 thousand m2 have been built.
  • The potential of the enterprise allows to build more than 200 km of roads of the highest category annually.
  • It owns a powerful fleet of modern road construction equipment (over 500 units) of domestic and foreign production.
  • The company’s fleet consists of the most modern trucks, semi-trailers and other mechanisms.
  • It has its own resource base, which allows forming the roadbed, independently producing the required volume of asphalt concrete and cement concrete mixtures.
  • The company has its own asphalt concrete and cement concrete plants, equipped with certified laboratories, which ensure the production of building materials of the highest quality.
  • The team of the enterprise is 3000 people. Highly qualified personnel for decades guarantee the highest level of work performed.


largest infrastructure projects

The largest infrastructure projects currently being implemented:

  • Far western bypass of Krasnodar, 51.2 km (delivery of the object in 2023)
  • Northern bypass of Rostov-on-Don , 12 km (delivery of the object in 2022)
  • Bypass of Volgograd, 12 km (delivery of the object in 2024)
  • Reconstruction of the M-5 Ural highway in the Chelyabinsk Region is underway from km 1,548 to km 1,564
  • Sewer collector from the SS «Zaton-Vostochny» in the city of Ufa with a length of 27.6 km

Implemented projects

Implemented projects of DonAeroDorStroy JSC in recent years:

  • Capital reconstruction and construction of over 400 km of the federal highway M-4 «DON»
  • Reconstruction of the federal highway A-280 «Rostov-on-Don — Ukraine»
  • Reconstruction of the federal highway A-260 «Volgograd — Ukraine»
  • Reconstruction of the highway R-217 «Kavkaz» ( M-4 — Vladikavkaz — Grozny — Makhachkala — Azerbaijan)
  • Reconstruction of the federal highway R-22 «Kaspiy» ( M-4 — Tambov — Volgograd — Astrakhan)
  • Construction of the Morozovsk-Tsimlyansk-Volgodonsk road with a bridge over the Don River
  • Construction of a four-lane highway « Rostov-Azov»
  • Construction of the road «Entrance to the airport» Platov «
  • Construction of the III longitudinal highway of Volgograd
  • Bypass of the city of Aksai I, II, III stages (eastern bypass of the city of Rostov-on-Don ) (delivery of the object in 2020 and 2022)