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10.05.2016 VLADIMIR KIRSANOV REWARDED WINNERS OF CHESSTOURNAMENT AMONG TEAMS OF CHILDREN’SHOMES On the Victory Day, May 9, the first All-Russian tournament among children’s homes and residential schools, Voskhozhdeniye, came to its end in Sochi. The Russian Chess Federation held the competitions with support from the Fund of Social, Charity and Cultural Programs, “Severnaya korona”, and the Group of Construction Companies “DON”.

Twenty-two teams took part in them, with four players in each team, including at least one girl. The tournament followed a Swiss system, with seven rounds, and took place from May 2 to May 9 at the “Zhemchuzhina “ Grand Hotel. The competitions were organized under the charity program of the Russian Chess Federation, “Chess for Children’s Homes and Residential Schools of Russia”, which started in spring 2015.

At present, the project functions in more than 300 children’s homes, residential schools, orphanages and covers over forty regions of the country. Teams from nineteen Russian regions, including the Republic of Crimea, came to Sochi to take part in the “Voskhozhdeniye” Tournament. The teams gained the right to take part in the final competitions thanks to victories in their regions. A team of Simferopol Special Needs Residential School No. 1 won the first prize.

A team of players from the Luga Sanatorium Residential School (Leningrad region) won the second and the third prizes. Beside the pure chess part, an extensive cultural program was prepared for the children in Sochi. They visited Krasnaya Polyana and the Olympic Park, took part in the inauguration of the Victory Monument in Dagomys, watched a performance at the city’s circus.

Andrey Filatov, President of the Russian Chess Federation, Nataliya Yunchenkova, head of the “Severnaya korona” Fund, and Vladimir Kirsanov, Chairman of the Board of the Group of Construction Companies “DON”, took part in the official closing ceremony.

Andrey Filatov congratulated everybody on the Victory Day, thanked the sponsors and, together with them, rewarded the winners and the runners-up of the tournament.

In his speech, Vladimir Kirsanov voiced confidence that chess would always be a reliable companion in the children’s life, which would definitely help them find their way. The participants of the ceremony expressed their hopes that those competitions would become traditional ones and gather even more players from all over Russia in the following year.

Konstantin Nechitaylo
Vladimir Barskiy – Russian Chess Federation

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