The group of construction companies “DON”

OJSC "Maykopnormal"


  • The open JSC “Maikopnormal” is the only enterprise in the South of Russia which specializes in the production of hardware (fixing arrangements), engineering pipe connections, screwed couplings for furniture, bolts and screwed couplings for rail fixing, high pressure spouts.
  • The date of foundation – 1963.
  • Location: 385000, Russia, republic of Adygeya, Maikop, Kurgannaya st., 302. 
  •  Phones: + 7 (8772) 52-18-31, 52-23-85.
  • Internet-site:
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The plant was set up in 1963 as an enterprise specializing in the production of standard parts for machinery. In the 1979-1980s the plant’s conveyor provided high-strength hardware of improved precision and pipe connections for lubrication and hydraulics.

They were used in 380 machinery plants of the country and abroad.

In 1993 the plant was transformed into the joint stock company (open type) “Maikop plant “Stankonormal”.

Later it got its present name and form of property.

Since 2005 the open JSC Maikopnormal has been part of the group of companies “DON”.


Today the company is continuing the production of fixing arrangements for various industries of economy – construction, machine engineering and automobile industry, as well as fittings for high pressure spouts which excel all domestic analogues. The plant also produces high pressure spouts.
In recent years the shareholders have reorganized the managerial and production processes within the company. This reorganization was aimed at the reduction of production costs, optimizing the company’s spending and increasing the company’s competitiveness. More than 300 qualified specialists work on different levels of the company.
Various technologies and specialized equipment are use in the production processes of the plant:

  • Cold-headed machines for production of fixing arrangements М 6 –M20;
  • Warm-headed presses for the output of big size fixing arrangements M22 – M36;
  • Turning single-spindle and many-spindle automatics and semiautomatics for producing pipe fittings and fittings for high-pressure hoses;
  • Various special and specialized automatic and semiautomatics for producing standard parts for machinery: rolled, screwed, profiled.
  • Automated galvanic and thermal equipment