The group of construction companies “DON”

LLC “Svyazinform”


  • "Svyazinform" is a company which specializes in installation and repair work in the area of automatics, telemechanics and communication.
  • The date of foundation - 2004.


One of the priorities of the LLC "Svyazinform" business activity is fulfilling the functions of the General Contractor and Contractor in building ,installing and overhaul of the projects connected with Russian railways and with building and reconstructing automobile roads both of local and federal importance. We possess powerful production centres, high capacity machinery and mechanisms which allow us to fulfill large-scale work in the area of communication and automation.

We are known as a company which has substantial production potential, both our own and outsourced. The company also has significant financial and highly professional human resources.
The developed infrastructure and availability of qualified professionals allow the company to fulfill the whole complex of operations ranging from project designing to projects maintenance and overhaul. These operations include:

  • Construction and reconstruction of railways ranging from constructing roadbeds to erecting railways;
  • Construction and overhaul of the devices of automatics, telemechanics and communication including installing and overhaul of autoblocking systems to organize movement of trains on  reserve ways using automatic train control;
  • Construction of fiber optic guide, fiber optic communication lines;
  • Fulfilling the whole complex of operations on laying communication lines and signal engineering, installation and commissioning of cabling system, local area networks, automatic telephone stations, safety systems;
  • Installation of technological equipment, communication, automatics and telemechanics devices, automatic control and information systems.


  • Construction of the fiber–optic communication line, baseband transmission path and operational communication system on the railway section “Likhaya-Morozovskaya” of the open JSC “RJD”.
  • Installing automatic blocking system on the railway section “Lipetsk-Sentsovo” of the South-East railway of the Open JSC “RJD”.
  • The overhaul of the mains communication cable (total length over 1500 km) on the project sites of the open JSC “RJD”of the North Caucasus railway.
  • Reconstructing the automatic blocking system at 23 stations and 24 railway hauls in the North Caucasus and South-East railways of the open JSC “RJD”.
  • Investments programmes in the Kuibyshevskaya, North Caucasus and South-East railways of the open JSC “RJD”.
  • Transforming the electrified railway section "Mineralniye Vody – Kislovodsk" of the open JSC “RJD” to alternate current.
  • Construction and commissioning of the automatic telephone station at the railway stations Tikhoretskaya and Tuapse of the North Caucasus railway of the open JSC “RJD”.
  • Overhaul of communication offices of the open JSC “RJD” at the stations Palagiada and Makhachkala-Sortirovachnaya.
  • Installation of radio stations on the North Caucasus railway of the open JSC “RJD”.
  • Re-equipment and developing of technological radio communication on the sites of the the North Caucasus railway of the open JSC “RJD”.
  • Equipping railway stations with digital systems OTS on the railway sections "Kizlyar –Oleinikovo" of the North Caucasus railway of the open JSC “RJD”. 
  • Reconstruction of communication lines on the reconstructed sections of the federal automobile road M-4 “Don”.

For the years of its operation the LLC “Svyazinform” has earned the reputation of a reliable partner of the open JSC “Russian railways” (“RJD”), of the Federal road agency and other customers.

Thanks to the high level of professionalism of its workers the company provides high quality work in the shortest time possible.