The group of construction companies “DON”


In 2005 the enterprises which had had a long and successful history of working in the construction industry of Russia, were united by a common brand “The group of construction companies “DON”.

The fact that the company is named after one of the biggest Russian rivers can be seen as a symbol of our success and reliability, and, simultaneously, it shows our flexibility and ability to overcome obstacles and avoid “underwater stones”. Water element is considered to be a source of life: historically, many cities were founded near water. Water is in constant movement, so, in our case, it symbolizes our dynamics and constant striving for being up-to-date, thanks to using the most advanced technologies.

Having joined in one company, the enterprises of the group received the competitive advantage which allows them to fulfill the whole complex of operations ranging from design work to building and maintenance of the projects, using only their internal resources, with minimal costs and in the shortest time.

The group of construction companies “DON” owns major road building offices, building &installation offices, automatic control systems, communication installation sections, quarries, production centres equipped with automated plants. To the latter we can refer the following:
  • Production base “Rostovstroymaterialy” (Rostov-on-Don);
  • Production bases SU-869 (Bataisk, Shakhty, Millerovo);
  • Production bases SU-872 (Bagayevskaya, Malaya Martynovka, Semikarakorsk);
  • Production bases SU-873 (Volgograd, Ilovlya);
  • Production base (Novocherkassk);
  • Production base “Maikopnormal” (Maikop).

Our distinctive features are as follows:

  • Availability of licenses and permissions for building projects of various profiles and purposes.
  • Availability of the latest machinery for civil, industrial, road and specialized types of building.
  • Developed infrastructure, comfortable auto- and railway approaches to all branches and divisions located in the South of Russia and other areas.
  • Good record of introduction and practicing the quality management standards which correspond to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001-2001.
  • Good record of introduction and practicing the quality management standards which correspond to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001-2008.
  • Close partnership relations with leading producers of materials and equipment.
  • Significant financial resources which allow building major projects without borrowing funds from project owners and banks.
  • Good record of fulfilling the functions of General Contractor in construction projects with the lot costing over 10 billion roubles.

For the years of the company’s work which has always made a very significant contribution in the country’s economy, dozens of its employees were awarded honorary titles like “Honoured builder of RF”, “Honoured economist”, “Honoured transport builder”.

The specialists of the highest qualification work in our company: designers, builders, construction electricians, cable men, workers engaged in adjustment and commissioning, control and measuring apparatus engineers, automatic control engineers.

Our team has always been known for its striving for being up-to-date and complying with the most advanced standards and requirements in building projects of the greatest degree of complexity.

High professional level of our employees and their ambition to achieve the best results in their work made it possible to introduce the latest technologies and the most modern machinery in our enterprises.

The team of the group of construction companies “DON” has always set the most ambitious goals. We realize that there’s a great deal of work in the future and we should do a lot to meet expectations of the industry and the whole country which count on our effort and our successful results.

Therefore, the traditions of creation, set up by several generations of our professionals, are continuing and will be cherished and continued in the future!