The group of construction companies “DON”


In 2005 the enterprises that had successfully worked in the construction business of RF were united by a common brand "The group of construction companies "DON".

This group was made up of the following companies:Open JSC "Donaerodorstroy", Open JSC "Maikopnormal", LLC "Signal-Stroy", Closed JSC "SMU –Donaerodorstroy", LLC "Svyazinform".

The total number of people working in the company is over 3,000 people.

At present the company is realizing several powerful business directions, the main ones of which are the following:

  • Construction and reconstruction of automobile roads, bridges and aerodromes.
  • Construction and design of buildings and facilities for residential and industrial use.
  • Construction and overhaul of the devices of automatics, telemechanics and communication.
  • Construction of power supply systems for industrial enterprises.
  • Fulfilling the whole set of tasks for equipping buildings with the systems of video surveillance, access control, local area networks and fire-fighting.

The major projects successfully completed by the companies of the group, are as follows:

  • Construction and capital reconstruction of over 300 km of the federal automobile road “Don”.
  • Overhaul and reconstruction of more than 70 non-state health care enterprises in the system of the JSC “RJD” in a number of Russian cities (Rostov-on-Don, Saratov, Voronezh, Volgograd, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Moscow);
  • Construction of the Don sturgeon plant (Rostov region);
  • Reconstruction of the road M-23 Rostov-Taganrog-the border with Ukraine (Rostov region);
  • Construction of the road Morozovsk-Tsimlyansk – Volgodonsk (Rostov region);
  • Construction of the International automobile border-crossing point “Matveyev-Kurgan” (Rostov region);
  • Construction of the plant for production and maintenance of refrigeration equipment (Rostov region);
  • Reconstruction of runways of the Volgograd airport (Volgograd region);
  • Large-scale reconstruction work on a number of sections of the automobile road Moscow-Volgograd-Astrakhan (М-6 “Kaspiy”), Rostov-on-Don – Baku (М-29 "Kavkaz");
  • Reconstruction of communication offices at the stations "Makhachkala-Sortirovochnaya", "Plagiada", "Novorossiysk" of the open JSC “RJD”;
  • Construction, reconstruction and overhaul of cable mains, ATS, locator beacons, and signaling facilities on the North-Caucasus, South-East and Kuibyshevskaya railways of the open JSC “RJD”;
  • Transforming the electrified railway section “Mineralniye Vody – Kislovodsk" of the open JSC “RJD” to alternate current;
  • Construction of the fiber–optic communication line, baseband transmission path and operational communication system on the railway section "Likhaya-Morozovskaya", "Timashevskaya–Krimskaya", "Starominskaya-Yeisk" of the open JSC “RJD”;
  • Reconstruction of the Volgograd cadet cossack corps (Volgograd region);
  • Construction of the The Rostov arts college (Rostov-on-Don);
  • Construction of the Ust-Donetsk municipal swimming pool (Rostov region);
  • Equipping of more than 50 buildings and facilities of the open JSC “RJD” with the surveillance and security systems in the framework of the programme “Anti terror”;
  • Construction of the road Rostov-Azov (Rostov region).

For the years of its business activity the group of companies “DON” has fulfilled a complex of operations for the following project owners: the open JSC “Russian railways”, the open JSC “Gazprom”, the open JSC “Volgogradneftegazstroy”, the open JSC “Zapsibgazprom”, the open JSC “Stroytransgaz”, Federal enterprise “Corporate railway security of RF”, Federal road agency “ROSAVTODOR”, automobile road administration “ROSTOVUPRDOR”, Federal fishing agency, Federal customs service and many other customers.

Long-lasting and fruitful cooperation with customers and effective fulfillment of all responsibilities and agreements is an absolute priority of the company’s business activity.